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07 December 2017

NordSTEVA annual conference 2017


 7-8th of December 2017

University of Tampere

Political violence is one of the problem areas of the working programme of the annual 2017 NordSTEVA conference. The conference addresses and discusses many faces of political violence; extremely timely “violent extremism”, but also pre-emptive killing, prediction, technology and regulation. What is violence in this context? What is political? What is to be done with political violence? According to Arendt “No one engaged in thought about history and politics can remain unaware of the enormous role violence
has always played in human affairs” but violence has often been taken for granted in science; a large literature deals with the implements of violence but not with violence as such (Arendt: On Violence.1969, 8) The two distinguished guests and keynote speakers Kyle Grayson and Leena Malkki enlighten the many faces and different perspectives of political violence.

The conference also introduces the NordSTEVA research groups’ research on the Centre of
Excellence’s core themes of security technologies and societal values; cyber security, digital matters, European security and early warning systems, and discusses their legitimacy and effectiveness as security practices.

Pre-registration is required, please register here.

The official invitation to the conference can be found here, and a flyer for the conference can be found here

The event is free of charge. There is a complimentary coffee service on both days.
Conference venue: Pinni B building, 1st floor, lecture room B1097


Thursday 7th December

Chair: Professor Sirpa Virta
11.30 -  Registration opens, Pinni B building, 1st floor
12.30 - Welcome: Antti Lönnqvist, Dean, Faculty of Management
Opening address: Peter Burgess, NordSTEVA (CAST, University of Copenhagen)
12.45 - Keynote 1: Kyle Grayson, Newcastle University
Seeing Violence in World Politics: on Scoping Regimes and Remote Warfare
13.30 - Keynote 2: Leena Malkki, University of Helsinki
What is political in the act of violence?
14.00 - Kristoffer Liden, PRIO
Policing Ideas: the counter-democratic effects of technologies for countering violent
14.30 - Coffee break, Pinni B lobby buffet, 1st floor
15.00 - Risk Governance and Political Violence. Moderator Henrik Tehler, LUCRAM, University
of Lund):
Bureaucratization – a means or an obstacle in counter terrorism?
Sissel Haugdal Jore, SEROS, University of Stavanger
Trust, threats and politic(ised) violence Kirsten Voigt Juhl, SEROS
Protection of Co-workers in the Public Sector Per Gustafson, LUCRAM
16.00 - The Politics of Microsoft’s International Cyber Security Norms. Anna Leander, CAST
16.30 - Societal disputes going digital: ICT as intermediaries in conflict communication.
Mark Daniel Jaeger, CAST
17.00 - Discussion and conclusions
20.00 - Conference Dinner at Restaurant Dabbal, Yliopistonkatu 44 (Dinner fee 40 €)

Friday 8th December

Chair: Professor Sirpa Virta

09.00 - European security and early warning systems. From risks to threats in the European
union’s health security sector. Mark Rhinard, Stockholm University
10.00 - The co-construction of crime predictions. The dynamics between digital data, software
and humans. Mareile Kaufmann, PRIO
Seeing like a weapons system: understanding machine vision in security technologies.
Rune Saugmann, University of Tampere
10.40 - Coffee break
11.00 Implications of the radicalization discourse. A Trade-off between tolerance and
security. Martin Sjoen, SEROS
11.30 End-user panel: Practice meets research – What is to be done with political violence?
What has been done?
Tarja Mankkinen, Ministry of the Interior
Timo Kilpeläinen, National Police Board
Aapo Cederberg, Geneve Centre for Security Policy
12.30 Closing words