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NordSTEVA is a virtual network of excellence, currently coordinated
by project leader J. Peter Burgess.

Main contacts:

NameTitleWork locationResearch field
Karen Lund Petersen Associate professor / Research group leader CAST Politics of Security
Odd Einar Olsen Professor / Research group leader SEROS Risk Governance
Marcus Abrahamsson Associate Professor / Research group leader LUCRAM Risk Governance
Mark Rhinard Professor / Research group leader SIS Institutions
Sirpa Virta Professor / Research group leader Uni. of Tampere Transversal Activities
Kristoffer Lidén      Senior researcher PRIO Law and Ethics + Digital Matters
Kira Vrist Rønn Postdoc CAST Law and Ethics
Kirsten Juhl Senior researcher SEROS Risk Governance

Involved researchers:

Name                        TitleWork locationResearch field
Ole Wæver Professor CAST Politics of Security
Grahame Thompson Emeritus professor CAST Politics of Security
Anna Leander Professor CAST Politics of Security
Trine Villumsen Postdoc CAST Politics of Security
Kristoffer Christensen PhD student CAST Politics of Security
Sissel Haugdal Jore Associate Professor SEROS Risk Governance
Claudia Morsut Postdoc SEROS Risk Governance
Henrik Tehler Associate Professor LUCRAM Risk Governance
Thomas Jonter Professor, Director SIS Institutions
Louise Bengtsson PhD Student SIS Institutions
Jonatan Stiglund PhD Student SIS Institutions
Markus Lyckman Research Officer SIS Institutions
Minna Branders PhD, Researcher Uni. of Tampere Transversal Activities
Mareile Kaufmann Senior Researcher PRIO Law and Ethics + Digital Matters
Rocco Bellanova Senior Researcher PRIO Law and Ethics + Digital Matters
Sindre Høyland Postdoc SEROS Risk Governance
Kenneth Pettersen 1. ammanuensis SEROS Risk Governance
Ole Andreas Engen Professor SEROS Risk Governance
Preben Lindøe Professor Emeritus SEROS Risk Governance
Ruth Østgård Skotnes Senior Researcher SEROS Risk Governance
Nina Boy Senior Researcher PRIO Digital Matters