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Below you will find a selection of new publications by the researchers affiliated to NordSTEVA. For a full list of publications, please click here to access the homepages of the individual researchers.  

2016 publications:

  • Andersen, Rune Saugmann. “Visual politics and material semiotics: The digital camera’s translation of political protest.” In Digital Photography and Everyday Life, edited by Edgar Gómez Cruz and Asko Lehmuskallio, 244-271. London: Routledge, ECREA book series, 2016.

    Andersen, Rune Saugmann. “Citizens' Right to Look: Repurposing Amateur Images in the Ukraine Conflict.” In Media and the Ukraine Crisis: Hybrid Media Practices and Narratives of Conflict, edited by Mervi Pantti, 112-134. New York: Peter Lang, 2016.

    Backman, Sarah and Mark Rhinard. Assessing Crisis Management Capacities in the European Union. Unpublished paper, 2016.

    Bellanova, Rocco. “Digital, politics, and algorithms: Governing digital data through the lens of data protection.” European Journal of Social Theory, January, 2016.

    Bellanova, Rocco, and Denis Duez. "The Making (Sense) of Eurosur: How to Control the Sea Borders?". In EU Borders and Shifting Internal Security - Technology, Externalization and Accountability, edited by Raphael Bossong and Helena Carrapico, 23-44. Heidelberg: Springer, 2016.

    Bossong, Raphael and Mark Rhinard. Theorising Internal Security Cooperation in the European Union. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016.

    Christensen, Kristoffer Kjærgaard and Karen Lund Petersen. Samarbejde bygget på forskellighed: Anbefalinger til offentlig-privat samarbejde om IKT-sikkerhed. Copenhagen: University of Copenhagen, 2016.

    Høyland, Sindre & Kenneth Pettersen. “Toward an empirical clarification of societal safety and societal security–preliminary findings from interviews with leaders and key stakeholders in Norway”. In Risk, Reliability and Safety: Innovating Theory and Practice, edited by Lesley Walls, Matthew Revie and Tim Bedford, 459–466. Oxfordshire: Taylor & Francis Group, 2016.

    Jonter, Thomas. The Key to Nuclear Restraint: The Swedish Plans to Acquire Nuclear Weapons During the Cold War. London. Palgrave Macmillan, 2016.

    Jonter, Thomas. “Nuclear Power Expansion and its Safety and Security Risks in East and South Asia: Regionally Based Comparison with European Union”. In Development and Regional Cooperation in Central Asia and South Asia: Euro-Asian Perspectives, edited by Henrik Berglund, Mondira Dutta and Per Hilding. New Delhi, Pentagon Press 2016.

    Jore, Sissel Haugdal. “Natural Disasters and Societal Security:  How to Pre-pare for an Uncertain Future.” In Natural Disasters and Societal Safety, edited by Roy H. Gabrielsen and Suzanne Lacasse, 121-133. Trondheim: Det norske vitenskapsakademi, Fagtrykk Trondheim, 2016.

    Jordan, Silvia and Lene Jørgensen. “Risk Mapping: Day-to-Day Risk Work in Inter-organizational Project Management.” In Riskwork, edited by Michael Power, 50-72. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016.

    Kaufmann, Mareile. “The digitization of resilience.” in The Routledge Handbook of International Resilience, edited by David Chandler and Jon Coaffee, 106–118. London, New York: Routledge, 2016.

    Kaufmann, Mareile. “Drone/body: the drone's power to sense and construct emergencies.” In The Good Drone, edited by Kristin Bergtora Sandvik and Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert, 168–194.Oxon: Routledge, 2016.

    Kaufmann, Mareile and Julien Jeandesboz. “Politics and ‘the digital’ From singularity to specificity”. In European Journal of Social Theory, 2016.

    Lidén, Kristoffer and Kristin Bergtora Sandvik. “Poison Pill or Cure-All: Drones and the Protection of Civilians.”  In The Good Drone, edited by Kristin Bergtora Sandvik and Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert. London: Ashgate, 2016.

    Lidén, Kristoffer., Nina Boy and Elida K. U. Jacobsen. Societal Ethics and Biometric Technologies. Oslo: SOURCE Societal Security Network,  2016.

  • Lidén, Kristoffe., Nona Mikhelidze, Elena B. Stavrevska and Birte Vogel. “EU support to civil society organizations in conflict-ridden countries: A governance perspective from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus and Georgia.” International Peacekeeping 23(2), 274–301, 2016.

    Lin, Lexin., Claudia Rivera, Marcus Abrahamsson and Henrik Tehler. “Communicating risk in disaster risk management systems–experimental evidence of the perceived usefulness of risk descriptions.” In Journal of Risk Research, 2016.

  • Lin, Lexin. "Integrating a national risk assessment into a disaster risk management system: Process and practice." In International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 12 august 2017. 
  • Månsson, Peter, and Henrik Tehler. "How form affects function: On the possibility of aggregating risk information." In Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Management (PSAM13), Seoul, Korea, 2-7 Oct. 2016.

    Morsut, Claudia. “Looking for societal security in the Norwegian government’s discourse on integration.” In The Baltic Sea Region: Hard and Soft Security Reconsidered, edited by Ilvija Bruģe and Māris Andžāns, 179-200. Latvian Institute of International Affairs, Riga, 2016.

    Nygaard, Lynn P, and Rocco Bellanova. "Lost in Quantification: The Politics of Bibliometrics." In Global Academic Publishing: Policies, Perspectives, and Pedagogies, edited by Mary Jane Curry and Theresa Lillis, xx-xx. Bristol: Multilingual Matters, forthcoming.

    Petersen, Karen Lund. ”Efterretningskommunikation som en form for demokratisk dialog.” In Efterretningsstudier, edited by Kira Vrist Rønn, 139-160. Copenhagen: Samfundslitteratur, 2016.

    Petersen, Karen Lund. “Risk and Security.” In Routledge Handbook on Security Studies, edited by Myriam Dunn Cavelty and Thierry Balzacq, 117-125. London: Routledge, 2016.

    Pettersen, Kenneth, and Ole Lindaas. “Risk Analysis and Black Swans: Two strategies for de-blackening”. Accepted for publication in Journal of risk research. Forthcoming.

    Pettersen, Kenneth. “Understanding uncertainty: thinking through in relation to high-risk technologies”. In Routledge Handbook of Risk Studies, edited by Adam Burgess, Alberto Alemanno and Jens Zinn, 39-49. Forthcoming.

    Rhinard, Mark. The Democratic Legitimacy of Transboundary Crisis Management in Europe. Unpublished paper, 2016.

    Rhinard, Mark. The Crisification of European Integration. Unpublished paper, 2016.

    Rhinard, Mark and Bengt Sundelius. “Forward Resilience and Enhanced Cooperation: Bringing Theory to Practice.” In Forward Resilience: Protecting Society in an Interconnected World Working Paper Series, edited by Dan Hamilton, 53-67. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University, 2016.

    Rønn, Kira Vrist. Efterretningsstudier. Copenhagen: Samfundslitteratur, 2016.

    Rønn, Kira Vrist. ”Efterretningsetik: Uden for lovens rammer.” In Efterretningsstudier, edited by Kira Vrist Rønn, 219-250. Copenhagen: Samfundslitteratur, 2016.

    Rønn, Kira Vrist. “What is intelligence ethics? A critical review and future perspectives.” In International Journal Of Intelligence And Counter-Intelligence Vol. 29, (2016): 201.

    Røyksund, Marie., Ole Andreas. H. Engen and Terje Aven. “Implications of a New Perspective of Risk in the Norwegian Petroleum Regulation.” In Risk, Reliability and Safety: Innovating Theory and Practice, edited by Lesley Walls, Matthew Revie and Tim Bedford. Oxfordshire: Taylor & Francis Group, 2016.

    Sandvik, Kristin Bergtora and Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert. The Good Drone. Oxon, New York: Routledge, 2016

    Tallberg, Jonas and Michael Zürn. The Legitimacy and Legitimation of International Organizations: Introduction and Overview. Unpublished paper, 2016.

    Tallberg, Jonas and Lisa Dellmuth. Elite Communication and Popular Legitimacy in Global Governance. Unpublished paper, 2016.

    Tallberg, Jonas and Lisa Dellmuth. Explaining the National-International Legitimacy Link: Effects of Social Trust. Unpublished paper, 2016.

    Tallberg, Jonas and Jan Aart Scholte. Theorizing Institutional Sources of Legitimacy in Global Governance. Unpublished paper, 2016.

    Thompson, Grahame. “Interdisciplinary Complexities: A Review Article”. Journal of Cultural Economy 9 (2016): 322–329.

    Thompson, Grahame. “Time, Trading and Algorithms in Financial Sector Security”. New Political Economy 22 (2017): 1-11.

    Thompson, Grahame. “Reforming the Culture of Banking”. In The Routledge Companion to Banking Regulation Reform, edited by Ismail Ertürk and Daniela Gabor, 398-411. London: Routledge, 2017

  • Thompson, Grahame. “Reform from Within: Central Banks and the Reconfiguration of Neoliberal Monetary Policy”. In Alternatives to Neo-Liberalism: Towards Equality and Democracy,139-157, edited by Bryn Jones and Michael O’Donnel. Bristol: Policy Press, 2017.

    Virta, Sirpa and Jari Taponen. “Policing regime in transition in the Nordic countries: Some critical notes from the Nordic reality”. In Policing European Metropolises: The Politics of Security in City-Regions, edited by Elke Devroe, Adam Edwards and Paul Ponsaers, 121-143. New York: Routledge, 2017. 

2015 publications:

  • Christensen, Kristoffer Kjærgaard; Lacoppidan, Oscar Vejen & Petersen, Karen Lund (2015). Trusler, kommunikation, nytte: Udfordringer ved offentlig-privat samarbejde om IKT-sikkerhed, policy brief. Copenhagen: CAST & NordSTEVA.
    You can access the brief here
  • Månsson, P., Abrahamsson, M., Hassel, H., & Tehler, H. (2015). On common terms with shared risks – Studying the communication of risk between local, regional and national authorities in Sweden. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 13, 441–453.
    You can acces the article here