Cyber Security in Practice: Public-Private Partnership in the Danish Cyber Defense

The purpose of the project is to explore the possibilities and challenges for public-private partnerships (PPPs) with regard to cyber security and, based on this, develop recommendations for a best practice for the development of PPPs as part of the Danish cyber defence. The strength of partnerships lies in that they can quickly and flexibly adapt to new demands and requirements. This is important, especially regarding new and changing threats such as cyber threats. The demand for flexibility, prompt action and the inclusion of private companies is difficult to incorporate in the traditional bureaucratic procedures for democratic control of security politics. It is, however, vital to a democratic society, like Denmark, that partnerships regarding security politics takes the general public  seriously and hence that the shape and structure of the partnerships are as transparent as possible. The project will thus focus how a new practice for partnerships may take both the effectiveness of the partnerships and the democratic concerns into account.

Karen Lund Petersen & Kristoffer Kjærgaard Christensen were the primary researchers on the project.


Karen Lund Petersen
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