(How) can They become like Us?

The focus of the recently finished ph.d. project is Danish political debates on 'Muslim relations' as interacting policy narratives. Theoretically, the dissertation investigates how various policies for relating to the other contributes to radicalization of conflict between self and other by the specific ways in which they invite (or does not invite) the other to future interaction. The dissertation analyses debates on integration and human rights of migrants and refugees, counterterrorism, freedom of expression, and Turkish EU accession. The analysis concludes that there is not one single, securitized discourse on Danish identity in relation to Muslims. But the narratives promoted are structured to produce future interaction leading in that direction.

The three years ph.d. project was financed by the University of Copenhagen research priority "Europe in Transition". The dissertation "(How) can They become like Us?" was succesfully defended on 8 October 2010. Spin offs (to be) published 2009-2014 - i.a. in Critical Studies on Terrorism 5(2) and 5(3), NordEuropa Forum 21(1), Babylon 7(1), and Distinktion no. 17.

Ulrik Pram Gad was the primary researcher on the project.


Ulrik Pram Gad