Religion as a Security Issue

What security dynamics are characteristic of situations where the threat is defined in terms of religion - either religion as the threat or religion as that which is threatened? How can insights from security theory and sociology of religion be combined to produce a better understanding of religion as a security issue? And on this basis, can we get a better grasp of the ‘big conflicts'  around ‘the West', ‘Islam' and ‘secularism' as they play out mostly between and within the US, Europe and the Middle East? The theoretical ambitions of the project point to potential benefits for both security studies and the study of radical religious politics, while the empirical and policy oriented aspiration is to point to escalatory dynamics that could be mitigated with the help of conflict theory.

This is a research project carried out by Ole Wæver and partly financed by the Danish Research Council in a previous year. Work is being completed currently on a monograph, a policy article and a theory article for a peer reviewed journal. A joint article with Mona K. Sheikh is closely related to this project.


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