Securitisation Theory

Further work on the theory of securitization (the Copenhagen School) includes a radically revised edition of the 1998 key text by Buzan, Wæver and de Wilde, Security: A New Framework for Analysis. Various ‘reply to critics' articles will engage with issues like the ethics of security and security studies, de-securitisation and the explanatory status of the theory. The theory has spurned a surprising amount of applications as well as critical engagements, and it is therefore time to both re-state the theory, its main analysis of the sectors - military, economic, environmental, societal and political - as well as answer explicitly the critics, in many cases by specifying or developing the theory further. In addition, an underexploited potential of the theory for guidance in conflict resolution is to be explicated. 

Ole Wæver was the primary researcher on the project.


Ole Wæver
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