The Nordic Countries and the European Union

This research project brings together a group of leading international experts on Nordic EU policy in order to explain the development of the relationship between the Nordic countries and the EU over the past decades.

The book is organized in sections exploring historical relations, major policy areas, European institutions and Europeanization. Anders Wivel manages the project with Nedergaard and Grøn and contributes three chapters: Introduction and conclusion to the volume (co-authored with Grøn and Nedergaard) and a chapter on the Europeanization of the foreign and security policies of the Nordic states (co-authored with Martin Marcussen). The final output is an anthology expected to be published by Routledge in 2015. The project has received financial support from Centre for European Politics, University of Copenhagen.

Anders Wivel, Peter Nedergaard, Caroline Howard Grøn and Martin Marcussen were the primary researchers on the project.


Anders Wivel
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