PhD Funded Projects

On-going CAST research projects with PhD funding:

Political Risk in Question
Kitt Plinia Nielsen 
This PhD project revolves around political risk and it seeks to disclose how conceptualizations and practices of such risks affect corporate approaches to politics and the political. The project focusses on the interrogative aspects (the question-asking) of political risk processes and takes critical issue with the (political) knowledge production inherent in contemporary political risk management.

By means of Searlean theorizing of indirect speech acts, Koselleckian conceptual history and case studies of corporate actors engaging with political risk, the project introduces a critical understanding of the (non)knowledge inherent in political risk processes, unravels conceptual short-circuits in the existing research base, and maps question-asking in relation to political risk in practice.

The working title of the project is 'Political Risk in Question' and it is being supervised by Associate Professor Karen Lund Petersen.