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CAST strives to arrange a wide range of different events relating to research on security issues - in both theory and practice. Details about the events, ranging from inspirational workshops and research seminars to conferences and lectures, can be found on the right hand side and below is a list of upcoming events. 
For registration or more information about a particular event, please contact one of our student assistants.

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  • 18 September 2018, 12:00

    Intelligence and Surveillance Ethics

    A common approach to “surveillance and intelligence ethics” is to think of it as a contradictory term. This is so, since surveillance and intelligence activities could be viewed as inherently unethical due to its often manipulating and secret nature. Perhaps as a consequence of public discussions and a professionalisation of intelligence, such statements seem to be becoming less frequent, and more and more scholars and practitioners think of ethics as a relevant and inevitable component of modern intelligence conduct. » Read more

  • 25 September 2018, 1000-1130

    Jihadism in Europe today - Does fighting jihad still hold global appeal?

    Professor Olivier Roy has argued persuasively that there is something new and deadlier about the jihadi terrorist violence of the past two decades. Particularly the thousands of Europeans who travelled to the Middle East to join Islamist militant movements or attack at home in their name, direct our critical attention towards European jihadism and the societies in which it develops. T » Read more

  • 8 November - 9 November 2018

    Exploring the risk, safety, security and resilience nexus

    The conference theme addresses the risk, safety, security and resilience nexus. We seek contributions that can provide new insights on this topic, in particular theories, principles, approaches and methods that can enhance the development of more integrated perspectives. » Read more

  • 10 December 2018,

    NordSTEVA event: Data, Security, Values - Vocations and Visions of Data Analysis

    At this conference we explore how values, ideas and concepts are not only necessarily embedded in data analysis, but also in what way they are productive and co-create society. » Read more