Types of events

CAST Research Seminars

The CAST research seminar is a forum for academic debate, organized around 1 or sometimes 2 papers. The paper(s) are typically draft journal articles or book chapters and the discussion directed to help preparing the text for publication. The research seminars will be conducted on the basis of the assumption that the papers have been read by the participants, and therefore they will not be presented (although possibly summarised). These seminars are primarily for invited researchers. However, if you wish to participate in one of the coming seminars please contact the paper giver. In contrast to the Inspirational Workshops, the research seminars will allow the full, necessary usage of specialised terminology according to subject matter and disciplinary audience for the publication.

CAST Conferences

The CAST conferences are occasional academic fora for discussion, by which CAST aims at facilitating and spurring advanced academic debate around relevant security topics. Previous conferences have included interdisciplinary issues such as lessons learned from 9/11, best practices in security expertise and the environmental threat to Arab security.

CAST Lectures

CAST frequently present lectures on security, risk and international relations by visiting scholars. Two series of lectures have featured experts - practitioners and academics - presenting their approach to risk and security.

CAST Inspirational Workshops

The CAST Inspirational Workshop is a cross-disciplinary forum for presentations and discussions on issues of security and safety, risk and danger. The workshop will typically consist of three to four presentations by scholars from (very!) different disciplines, and the aim is to get better understandings of how things are done in other disciplines and thereby, hopefully, each get inspiration for our own work. Since the aim here is to understand different ways of approaching issues as these are structured by different disciplines, presentations will in this forum be conducted in a terminology that is accessible beyond one’s own discipline. Specialized terminology will not be assumed but explained!