CAST Conferences

The CAST conferences are occasional academic fora for discussion, by which CAST aims at facilitating and spurring advanced academic debate around relevant security topics.

Previous conferences have included interdisciplinary issues such as lessons learned from 9/11, best practices in security expertise and the environmental threat to Arab security.

National Security, Risk Management and the Transformation of Bureaucratic Ethics

23 May 2013

In May 2013, CAST hosts a conference on "National Security, Risk Management and the Transformation of Bureaucratic Ethics”.

Conference on the Conceptual History of Security

27 November 2012

Symposium co-hosted with Videnskabernes Selskab and CAST Director Prof. Ole Wæver: "Conference on the Conceptual History of Security"

Capturing Security Expertise: Concepts, Typologies, Practices, Power

16 June 2011 kl. 08.30

This workshop brings together leading scholars from Science Studies and Security Studies to explore how security expertise contributes to social and political transformations on a national, regional and global scale.

Times of Security: Ethnographies of Fear, Protest and the

18 May 2011 kl. 13:00

What visions of the future do hopes and promises of security conjure? What, and when, is the ‘time of security’? Comparing anthropologically the temporal dimensions of danger in different securitized contexts, this workshop seeks to shed light on how security and insecurity – its fears and fantasies, the violence and even revolutions carried out in its name – are conceptualised and experienced in the contemporary world.

Environmental Threats to Arab Security

27 October 2010 kl. 09:00

The spread of epidemics and infectious diseases does not only pose a threat to public health, it also threatens the livelihood of people and national economies. Furthermore, in recent years the scope of natural or human disasters, like earthquakes, flooding, and breakdown in infrastructure, has expanded in an unprecedented way. This conference will discuss three topics: major disasters, water scarcity, and epidemics, as prevailing environmental threats in Egypt and the Arab region.

Politics of Securitization

13 September 2010 kl. 09.30

This conference aims to take the debate on the theory of securitization one step further and bring to light how different understandings of politics define and constrain the field of security studies in general, and securitization theory in particular. The conference is open to specially invited guests only. 

The Evolution of International Security Studies: Past, Present and Future Directions

12 November 2009 kl. 9.00

Following the recent publication of Barry Buzan and Lene Hansen’s The Evolution of International Security Studies (Cambridge University Press, September 2009), Centre for Advanced Security Theory (CAST), University of Copenhagen and Security Dialogue held the conference 'The Evolution of International Security Studies: Past, Present and Future Directions', November 12, 2009.

Securing Knowledge About the Danger

29 October 2009 kl. 9.00

October 29-30, 2009, CAST held the conference "Securing knowledge about the danger - Methodologies and rationalities of threat measuring and risk assessments." The main aim of the conference was to present and discuss different calculations and formulas for assessing insecurity, danger, risks, threats etc. in different disciplines. The programme was structured around three core practices: intelligence gathering, insurance and risk assessments.

Religion, civil religion and human rights

23 October 2009 kl. 8.30

CAST Conference on religion, civil religion and human rights, and what has been and will be their impact on global security. The conference is arranged by Helle Porsdam, Copenhagen University, and supported by the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU).


9 March 2009 kl. 9.45 AM

CAST Conference on the Climate/Security nexus. The main discussion topics are: What do we know empirically about conflict caused by climate change, is climate change becoming a security issue, and with what effects?  

CAST Opening Conference

21 October 2008

CAST Conference