CAST Lecture with Prof. Didier Bigo

CAST invites you to participate in our special CAST Lecture with Prof. Didier Bigo 29 April.

How should we study security in the face of new and constantly changing threats? What is the potential for expanding the theoretical and empirical purchase of securitization theory? The founder of the Paris School in Security Studies, Professor Didier Bigo explores these and many other questions in his talk on securitization theory and alternative reflective practices on studying security. Professor Bigo suggests that we need to reassess our understanding of theory and method in order to grasp the political consequences of the current Western practices of security.

Ole Wæver, Professor and Director of CRIC, who is one of the founders of the Copenhagen School will be the primary discussant during the event.

The seminar will be followed by a reception with coffee and a light snack.

Didier Bigo is Professor of International Relations in the Department of War Studies at King's College and MCU Research Professor at Sciences-Po Paris. He is an expert on International Relations Theory, Critical security studies and International Political Sociology. He has published several articles and books, including Europe's 21st Century Challenge: Delivering Liberty and Security (Ashgate, 2010) and Terror, Insecurity and Liberty. Illiberal practices of liberal regimes after 9/11 (Routledge, 2008). Furthermore, Bigo is the director of Center for Study of Conflicts - Liberty and Security (CCLS) and editor-in-chief of the quarterly journal Cultures et Conflicts.

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