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Guest lecture: "Resilience"

With Lauren Alexander Augustine

CAST and the Danish Emergency Management Agency have the pleasure to invite you to participate in our special guest lecture with Associate Executive Director at the Program on Risk, Resilience, and Extreme Events at National Academy of Sciences, Lauren Alexander Augustine. 

About the lecture

As Augistine argues, countless articles, conferences, and venues for discussion about resilience have generated a strong foundation of understanding, and now the interest is shifting towards ways to operationalize resilience. As such, there is tremendous interest in the US in building disaster resilience at the local, regional, and national scales. Questions about how to operationalize resilience concepts and how to translate those concepts into policy are pressing issues right now in the US and around the world.

Curricula in the US is now expanding to include risk management and disaster management at the college and post-graduate levels, and innovative approaches to training the next generation workforce are being tried and tested to varying degrees of success. Augustine's lecture will focus on novel ways to integrate resilience concepts into policy and training, and some ways that communities can operationalize disaster resilience strategies.”

The lecture will take place Tuesday 21 October at 14:00 in the Lunch Room (4.2.26) at CSS.