CAST hosts guest lecture with Prof. Sergunin

CAST and Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies (ToRS) are proud to host Prof. Dr. Alexander Sergunin (St. Petersburg State University) for a guest lecture Friday 24 april from 12 to 14 at CSS in room 2.0.30. 

“The Russian domestic political debate on the Ukrainian crisis”

The lecture will examine different Russian foreign policy schools’ views on the Ukrainian crisis. Prof. Sergunin argues that the Ukrainian crisis will entail an essential revision of the Russian foreign policy’s conceptual/doctrinal basis, military doctrine and regional priorities. Particularly, Russia will pay more attention to its relations with the ‘near abroad’ trying to repair its poor/negative image, prevent its authority from further weakening in the post-Ukrainian era and shift political alliances in the post-Soviet territory. In parallel, Moscow will try to redesign the current system of Russia-led institutions in the post-Soviet space which proved to be inefficient during the Ukrainian crisis with an emphasis on economic aspects of integration, including the Eurasian Economic Union. Russia’s relations with the West will be redefined in a more realistic and pragmatic way to make the country less dependent on the oil and gas exports to the West. At the same time, Kremlin will further develop its ‘strategic partnership’ with China and cooperation with and within non-Western institutions and countries in Asia, America, Africa and the Middle East.

The lecture is open for everybody. No registration is required. For further questions please contact CAST's student assistant Kári @