Guest lecture: Risk and National Security: Towards an Uncertainty Theory of Intelligence

Center for Advanced Security Theory, University of Copenhagen, invites you to a lecture with professor Mark Phythian, University of Leicester. The lecture will take place:

 August 15th from 14.00-16.00

While the notion of risk is of obvious importance to security intelligence, its ubiquity has had an impact on specificity of meaning. While the term is widely used in both the profession and study of intelligence, its usage can carry different meanings and it can be used interchangeably with linked terms. In this talk Mark Phythian wants to argue that an understanding of risk rests on an understanding of its relationship to two prior states of knowing or unknowing - ignorance and uncertainty - and that to understand risk we need to pay greater attention to these neglected realms. To this end he suggests a framework for thinking about the relationship between ignorance, uncertainty and risk in a security intelligence context.

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