CAST IARU Summer School 2013

The next summer school will be held at the University of Copenhagen between 5 August and 22 August 2013. The deadline for applying via IARU was 1 March. However, late registration is still possible until 1 May by contacting Nicolai Trudsøe Trock ( This will include an extra surcharge for students not enrolled at the University of Copenhagen. For more information on the 2013 Summer School, please see the IARU homepage

CAST IARU Summer School 2012

From 13 August  to 24 August  2012, CAST hosted the annual IARU Summer School entitled ‘Security: Theories, Practices and Dilemmas of Widening the Concept’. This was the second time that CAST had the pleasure of welcoming students from the IARU Universities to Copenhagen. We were very pleased to have participants from a variety of disciplines and from all over the globe: Beijing University, University of Oxford, ETH Zürich, National University of Singapore, Australian National University, Yale University, Tokyo University, and University of Copenhagen as well as Copenhagen Business School.

The programme was developed from the 2011 summer school,  whilst new elements, practitioners and visits were added to improve and refine last year’s success. The course covered a wide range of subjects such as climate change (including a visit to the Danish Climate Centre), the financial and the Euro(pean) crisis (including a visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), human security (including a visit to the Rehabilitation and Research Centre for Torture Victims), migration, religion and identity (including a meeting with Danish MP’s at the Parliament) and so on. The overall objective of the course was to look at the widened concept of security and the dynamics invoked when “new threats” are managed, in terms of the theory of securitization and other theories (e.g. the Paris School and Human Security).

We were very glad to see such devoted and inspired students, representing a great diversity in terms of regional and academic background. This ensured two very interactive weeks with a lot of plenary discussions. CAST wish to thank the participants for engaging in discussions, being so devoted and bringing new issues and perspectives to the summer school.

CAST warmly thank speakers, partners and participants for making the second CAST-IARU Summer School a great success. We very much look forward to welcoming you again next year. Stay updated regarding deadlines etc. for the 2013 IARU Global Summer School Programme at the IARU website.

Read about the 2011 summer school below. 

CAST IARU Summer School 2011

In August 2011, CAST hosted it's first IARU summer school on security theory and practices. The participating students came to Copenhagen from universities all over the world, including University of California Berkeley, University of Tokyo and Australian National University. Both CAST and the students were very happy with the experience, agreeing that the summer school was a great success and CAST looks much forward to welcoming a new group of summer school students in 2012.

The summer school 2011 was titled Security, Practices and Dilemmas of Widening the Concept to Cover New Threats such as Cultural and Climate Change and the class discussions covered numerous facets of the field of security, incl. fragile states, religion, intelligence and surveillance etc. The great diversity of the students in terms of regional and academic background helped fostering a fruitful and nuanced dialogue, which was utmost beneficial for the entire class. 

Apart from CAST Director, Prof. Ole Wæver, and CAST PhD-fellow Lise Philipsen, the course included lectures by prominent academics, such as Prof. of International Politics Lene Hansen and experienced practitioners like PhD Anja Dalgaard, Head of Department in the Anti-Terrorism Department of the Danish Security and Intelligence Service. The summer school also contained a number of on-the-spot-lectures, including visits to the Danish Foreign Ministry, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, the Danish Climate Center, the Danish Parliament and the Rehabilitation and Research Centre for Torture Victims.

In conclusion, the CAST IARU Summer School 2011 implied a great amount of reading, listening and learning, but also proved to be two weeks of discussion, fun and friendship. All in all the first CAST IARU Summer School was a great success and CAST warmly thanks speakers, partners and participants for two great weeks, whilst looking forward to hosting another summer school in 2012.