Arctic Politics Seminar with Ulrik Pram Gad and Bertel Heurlin

Arctic Politics Seminar with Ulrik Pram Gad Dept. of Poli.Sci., UCPH: "National Identity Politics and Postcolonial Sovereignty Games Greenland, Denmark, and the European Union" and Bertel Heurlin, Dept. of Poli.Sci., UCPH: "Comparing and Explaining the Role and Politics of the United States and China in the South China Sea Region and in the Arctic Region".

The format will be "papers taken as read" - i.e., that texts in a reasonably finished version are circulated one week before the seminar; at the seminar the papers will not be presented but only briefly contextualized; the time is spent on comments from and discussions with the audience with a view to helping the text towards publication.

To sign up/or for more information, please contact Marc Jacobsen, email:

Arctic Politics seminars is organized by the Arctic Politics research group