Arctic Politics seminar with Uffe Jakobsen and Benedikte Brincker

Uffe Jakobsen, Department of Political Science, UCPH: ‘Time and place of origins of parliamentarism in Greenland’

Benedikte Brincker, Dept. Of Bus.; Pol., CBS ’Challenging sovereignty – a study of the prospects of an independent Greenland in the Arctic Region’

The format will be "papers taken as read" - i.e., that texts in a reasonably finished version are circulated one week before the seminar; at the seminar the papers will not be presented but only briefly contextualized; the time is spent on comments from and discussions with the audience with a view to helping the text towards publication.

Each seminar will be 1½ or 2 hours (for discussion of 1 or 2 papers respectively).

To sign up/or for more information, please contact Marc Jacobsen.