Research Seminar: "Deterence, Ontological Security and Israeli Military Actions in Lebanon and Gaza"

In collaboration with the Centre for Resolution of International Studies (CRIC), CAST invites to a research seminar with Amir Lupovici, lecturer and assistant professor at the Department of Political Science, Tel Aviv University. Amir is currently a visitng scholar at CRIC.

The research seminar will revolve around Amir’s work regarding ontological security and deterrence in the framework of Israeli military involvement in Lebanon and Gaza. For many years, the Israeli military doctrines of warning, deterrence, and military decision have been perceived as essential to Israel’s security. However, in recent years the implementation of these doctrines against non-state actors seems to have had very limited success.

The aim of Amir’s research is to explore the question of why Israel continues to try to deter non-state actors even when it is not clear that this strategy is effective. Focusing in particular on Israel’s attempts to deter through the actual use of force, Amir argues that these continuing efforts can be explained by the internalization of the strategy of deterrence in Israeli strategic thinking (as well as in public opinion).