CAST Inspirational Workshops

The CAST Inspirational Workshop is a cross-disciplinary forum for presentations and discussions on issues of security and safety, risk and danger. The workshop will typically consist of three to four presentations by scholars from (very!) different disciplines, and the aim is to get better understandings of how things are done in other disciplines and thereby, hopefully, each get inspiration for our own work.

Since the aim here is to understand different ways of approaching issues as these are structured by different disciplines, presentations will in this forum be conducted in a terminology that is accessible beyond one’s own discipline. Specialized terminology will not be assumed but explained!

Fantasi som styringsredskab i sikkerhedspolitikken

15 November 2011 kl. 13:00

I takt med at uforudsigelighed er blevet sikkerhedspolitikkens omdrejningspunkt, har metoder til at foregribe det uvisse vundet indpas. Dette inspirationsseminar sætter derfor fokus på fantasien som styringsredskab i ny sikkerhedspolitik.

21st Century Soldiering: Mercenaries, Memorials, Movies

15 December 2010 kl. 13:00

At this CAST inspirational workshop, we ponder what happens to the democratic relationship between war and the public, once the people who fight them become the primary interface between violent conflicts 'out there' and deliberation 'back here'.

Climate change and security

8 September 2010 kl. 13:30

CAST Inspirational Workshop: Kjeld Rasmussen, Thomas Ladegaard Birk og Ole Wæver diskuterer klima forandringer og konsekvenserne for international sikkerhed.

Beyond Radicalization: New perspectives on turns from civic dissent to political violence

30 September 2009 kl. 9.30

CAST Inspirational Workshop: Mats Fridlund, CAST senior researcher, arranges a workshop on political violence.