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27 February 2014

Out now: Special issue of 'Cooperation and Conflict' - post-imperial sovereignty games in Norden

Associate Professor Rebecca Adler-Nissen and Post.doc. Ulrik Pram Gad has served as editors for a recently published special issue of Cooperation and Conflict regarding post-imperial sovereignty games in the Nordic region.

In addition to editing the whole special issue, Adler-Nissen and Pram Gad has co-written the article 'Post-Imperial Sovereignty Games in the Nordic Region', in which they develop the framework of postimperial sovereignty games for understanding contemporary Nordic foreign policy and regional dynamics. Arguing that benevolence, homogeneity and peace has never been the full story of the Nordic region, Adler-Nissen and Pram Gad shift focus from the ‘large’ Nordic countries to the remnants of Nordic empires: Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Åland and find that on the one hand, these polities struggle to enhance their independence, however on the other hand, the former colonies develop close relationships to a supranational European Union in their effort to achieve independent subjectivity.

Individually, Rebecca Adler-Nissen contributes to the special issue with the article 'The Faroe Islands: Independence dreams, globalist separatism and the Europeanization of postcolonial home rule', in which she examines the intersection of postimperial sovereignty and European integration in the context of a disintegrating Nordic empire.

In 'Greenland: a post-Danish sovereign nation state in the making', Ulrik Pram Gad explores the development from Danish colonialism to a future independent Greenlandic state, analyzing how the Greenlandic self-understanding as being on the way to sovereignty – and the tensions involved – structures the triangular relationship between the EU, Greenland and Denmark.