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10 October 2013

CAST PhD. student Steven Jensen hands in dissertation

Wednesday, Steven Jensen, Ph.D. student from CAST and Danish Institute for Human Rights, submitted his dissertation “Negotiating Universality: The Making of International Human Rights, 1945-1993”. To read the abstract of Steven’s dissertation, click here.  

Furthermore, Steven has written three articles to be published in 2014:  

Steven L. B. Jensen (jan-feb 2014), ”Universality should govern our small world of today”: The Cold War and UN Human Rights Diplomacy, 1960-1968”, Human Rights During the Cold War, ed by. Kjersti Brathagen, Rasmus Mariager and Karl Molin. Routledge. London

Steven L. B. Jensen (2014), “The Jamaican Broker: UN Diplomacy and the Breakthrough for International Human Rights, 1962-1968“, Europe and the Americas: transatlantic approaches to human rights, ed by Eva Maria Lassen et al. Martinus Nijhoff Publishers.

Steven L. B. Jensen (forthcoming), “The Politics of Meaning: The 1975 Helsinki Final Act and the Legacy of UN Human Rights Diplomacy”, The Long 1970s. New Perspectives on the Epoch-Making Decade, ed by. Poul Villaume, Helle Porsdam and Rasmus Mariager.

Here at CAST we congratulate Steven with his accomplishment, and wish him all the best in the future.