Research group 2: Digital Matters (ICT)

Digital Matters focuses on the construction and influence of the socio-technical assemblages in security environments. The group aims to address how digital technologies in the security domaine affect society and politics. This implies a multi-disciplinary exploration of technologies like surveillance cameras, biometrics, blockchain, cloud technology and algorithms in concrete settings that relate to societal security in the Nordic countries. The group is theoretically oriented, but also draws on qualitaeve interviews, document analysis and analysis of digital technology, like YouTube algorithms. 

Coordinated by the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO).

Involved researchers

Name                         Title Work location
Kristoffer Lidén
Senior Researcher PRIO
Mareile Kaufmann Senior Researcher PRIO
Bruno Oliveira Martins Senior Researcher PRIO
Elida K.U. Jacobsen Senior Researcher PRIO
Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert Senior Researcher PRIO
Nina Boy Senior Researcher PRIO
Stine Bergersen Doctoral Researcher PRIO
Ole Wæver Professor CAST
Stine Bergersen Doctoral Researcher PRIO
Tapio Juntunen  PhD Student Uni. of Tampere