Research group 5: Institutions

Institutions will analyse the capacity of new and renewed national institutions address societal security challenges. It will also study how existing security institutions do not become impediments to security and to societal values. The focus will be on how institutional design is able to integrate security technologies, and how this can affect the whole of society. It is conducted using empirical data-gathering methods, including inventories of EU activities in early warning, for example, and, case studies using text analysis and interviews. It is also theoretically guided, drawing on more traditional positivist-theories like neofunctionalism as well as those in critical security studies.

Coordinated by Stockholm University Graduate School of International Studies (SIS).

Involved researchers

Name                         Title Work location
Mark Rhinard Professor / Research group leader SIS
Ian Higham  PhD Student SIS
Jonatan Stiglund PhD Student SIS
Louise Bengtsson PhD Student SIS
Markus Lyckman Research Officer SIS
Stefan Borg Lecturer SIS
Thomas Jonter Professor, Director SIS