Research group 4: Risk Governance

Risk Governance will focus on the changing landscape of values and technologies in the provision of security, and the related shift of power balances in the Nordic region and abroad. Paying special attention to technologies for risk governance, research will inves-tigate questions different forms of governance in relation to societal security and values.  Designed as a survey of existing approaches, the the work will adopt qualitative and quantitative methods.

Coordinated by Centre for Risk Management and Societal Safety (SEROS) and Lund University (LUCRAM).

Involved researchers

Name                         Title Work location
Kirsten Juhl Associate Professor SEROS
Marcus Abrahamsson Associate Professor / Research group leader LUCRAM
Odd Einar Olsen Professor / Research group leader SEROS
Sissel Haugdal Jore Associate Professor / Center Leader SEROS SEROS
Claudia Morsut Post Doc Fellow SEROS
Henrik Tehler Professor / Director LUCRAM LUCRAM
Sindre Høyland Post Doc Fellow SEROS
Kenneth Pettersen 1. ammanuensis SEROS
Ole Andreas Engen Professor SEROS
Preben Lindøe Professor Emeritus SEROS
Ruth Østgård Skotnes Associate Proffessor SEROS
Mette Leonhardsen PhD Candidate SEROS
Peter Månsson PhD Candidate LUCRAM
Henrik Hassel Associate Professor LUCRAM
Fredrik Johnsson PhD Candidate LUCRAM
Lexin Lin PhD Candidate   LUCRAM
Per Gustafsson PhD Candidate LUCRAM