21 November 2019

Workshop: Security Technology and International Security in the Mediterranean Region

Third TRANSAD workshop Barcelona, 21-22 November 2019

The third TRANSAD workshop will focus on the topic Emerging Technologies and International Security in the Mediterranean Region. Jointly organized by the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), the Barcelona Institute of International Studies (IBEI), the Center for the Study of the Drone, Bard College, and the Nordic Centre of Excellence for Security Technologies and Societal Values (NordSTEVA)

THURSDAY, 21 November Open Society Foundations Barcelona (Espai Societat Oberta9. Address: Carrer de Sant Eusebi, 29-31, 08006 Barcelona

18:30 20:00 Open roundtable and reception

‘Our Drone-Filled Future’

Roundtable discussion led by Kristoffer Lidén (Peace Research Institute Oslo) with the participation of Arthur Holland Michel (Centre for the Study of Drone and IBEI), Wali Aslam (University of Bath), Chantal Lavallée (Royal Military College Saint-Jean), Kristin B. Sandvik (University of Oslo) and Bruno Oliveira Martins (Peace Research Institute Oslo)

20:30 Workshop dinner

FRIDAY, 22 November 2019 Barcelona Institute of International Studies (IBEI) (Pompeu Fabra Ciutadella Campus), Building Edifici Mercè Rodoreda, address: Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27 08005 Barcelona. Room: Sala Polivalente

9:00 9:15 Welcome and introduction

Arthur Holland Michel, Center for the Study of the Drone, Bard College, and IBEI

9:15 10:45 MOBILITY
Panel chair: Wali Aslam, University of Bath

Moving populations, space and digital resistance in the Greek territory and borderland

Vasiliki Makrygianni, IT University of Copenhagen

The biggest database you've never heard of: how the EU is constructing a centralised identity registry

Chris Jones, Statewatch
Discussant: Kristin B. Sandvik, University of Oslo and PRIO Coffee break

11:00 11:05 Welcoming address, Esther Barbé, Director, IBEI

11:05 12:45 THE DIGITAL
Panel chair: Delina Goxho, Open Society Foundations

The landscape of cyber conflict and disinformation in the Middle East and Northern Africa

James Shires, Leiden University and Oxford University's Centre for Technology and Global Affairs

Cybersecurity (counter)Norms and Technologies in Egypt: Political, Economic and Security Uncertainties Bassant Hassib, British University in Egypt

Discussant: Kristoffer Lidén, Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) Lunch break: 12:45 14:15

14:15 15:45 LETHALITY
Panel chair: Chantal Lavallée (Royal Military College Saint-Jean)

Deadly Drones: Trends in Drone Weaponry in Mediterranean Conflicts

Dan Gettinger, Centre for the Study of the Drone, Bard College

Turkey's self-made armed drone program, and a new age of impunity

Umar Farooq, independent journalist, Istanbul Discussant: Diego Badell Sánchez, IBEI

16:00 17:30 Keynote address session

Panel chair: Andrea Silkoset, PRIO

Settler-colonialism and the imperatives of surveillance

Ahmad Sa'di, Ben Gurion University
Discussant: Bruno Oliveira Martins, PRIO and project leader of TRANSAD
17:30 End of the workshop