Tobias Liebetrau

Tobias Liebetrau

Research Assistant

On my project:

Within the last decade developments in EU institutions, policies and practices have conjured up a new security governance space within the EU, namely cybersecurity or network and information security. The first goal of this thesis is to explore the historical trajectory of this security governance space through archival studies.  Hence, I examine and map how infrastructure and ICT have been problematized and treated as something critical, something in need of protection, and something to be secured within EU governance. Second, I map out how these new sets of actors, relations, rules and practices encompass and co-constitute the EU cybersecurity governance space.  I do this via scrutinizing the practices of the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) and by diving into the recent negotiations and adoption of the Network and Information Security Directive (NIS-directive). The first ever EU legislation on cyber security.

Theoretically, I work with the concept of cybersecurity within security studies an reflect upon resilience as a security strategy designed for a world that is perceived of as being increasingly complex, interwoven, transformative, fluid and uncertain. I´m inspired by a diverse field of research ranging from critical security studies, over conceptual history/genealogy and Science and technology Studies (STS).  


Associate Professor Karen Lund Petersen

Primary fields of research

Cyber security, information security, cyberspace, EU and DK cyber security governance and policy, critical security studies, international relations, surveillance, technology, information and communication technology, risk management, resilience, Science and Technology Studies (STS)

Funding and affiliation

My research activities are funded by the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen.  


ID: 143262149