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Kristoffer Kjærgaard Christensen

Kristoffer Kjærgaard Christensen

Research Assistant, Part-time lecturer

My research is on the significance of cyber security for contemporary security politics. I look at how cyber security involves new security actors and contributes to creating new political spaces and understandings of (security) politics and democracy.

In my PhD project I explore the role of private companies with regard to the politics of cyber security by looking at the relationship between cyber security and transparency in different practices. In other words, I analyse how cyber security and transparency are translated and enacted in corporate practices and in relation to other actors – such as state authorities (e.g. through public-private partnerships), other private companies and civil society – and the political and democratic implications hereof.


Supervisor: Associate Professor Karen Lund Petersen

Primary fields of research

The politics of cyber security, information and communication technologies (ICT), security studies, international relations theory, science and technology studies (STS), poststructuralism, actor-network theory


Teaching at Master's level:

  • Policing Cyberspace: The Politics of Cyber Security (autumn semester 2015)
  • The Politics of Cyber Security (autumn semester 2016)
  • The Politics of Cyber Security (spring semester 2018)

ID: 67578403