Alexei Tsinovoi

Alexei Tsinovoi



Alexei’s research interests are Science and Technology Studies (STS), digital methods, IR theory, and political philosophy. He has previously worked with topics such as digital diplomacy, governmentality, misrecognition, and (de)securitization. Situated in IR theory, STS and digital methods, Alexei’s postdoc project – funded by the Carlsberg Foundation – examines the role of new media technologies in international relations, with an empirical focus on the remediation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.



IR 2.0: Understanding International Politics in the Age of Social Media (Course, Autumn 2018, ASTK18126U)

Digital Methods for Political Science and IR (Seminar, Spring 2018, ASTK15499U)

Security Studies and Strategy (Course, Autumn 2017, ASRK14000U)

New Media and Politics in the Middle East: Emerging Regional Dynamics in the Digital Age (Course,
Autumn 2017, ASTK15717U)

IR and Social Media: Theory and Cases (Seminar, Autumn 2016, ASTK15676U)

IR and Social Media: Theory and Cases, (Course, Autumn 2015, ASTK15359U)

Primary fields of research

International Relations Theory, Security Studies, Diplomacy, Digital Diplomacy, Digital Methods, Social Media, Aesthetics, and Images. 

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